Erosion Control, St. Clair County, MI

Prevent Erosion in St. Clair, MI

We prevent and control property and landscape erosion in St. Clair, Michigan

Nature is a powerful force and if your landscape or yard is left unchecked then erosion could cause serious damage to not only your beautiful landscape but also your home!

At Sherman Nursery Farms, our experts work hard to design a landscape and/or hardscape that will protect and prevent erosion from taking place on your property and will ensure that the harsh weather we get in Southeastern Michigan will not take a toll on your landscape.

Erosion can do so much more damage than just ruin your landscaping and flower beds. If left unchecked then water could begin to move dirt and soil away from your homes foundation which will cause it to crack and move, a great way to get a flooded basement. By understanding how water runoff will work around your home and designing your landscape to accommodate it, we can prevent this type of damage from taking place.

St. Clair county gets around 34 inches of precipitation annually, that’s a lot of water runoff that your property needs to deal with. Since 1969 Sherman Nursery Farms has been working to provide great landscape to homes and businesses around St. Clair County. This experience has given us the knowledge we need to ensure that your home will be safe from erosion!

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