Fall Landscaping Clean Up Services St. Clair County, MI

Fall Yard Clean Up Services in St. Clair County!

Get your yard cleaned up by Sherman Nursery Farms before winter hits!

Fall clean ups will make your yard look better and allow it to survive winter without being damaged.

If the fall season is getting the best of your yard and it doesn’t look as well as it did all summer don’t worry. This is normal for the fall season in Michigan and with a little help from us you can ensure that your gorgeous yard and landscaping will return next summer!

You may not have the time it takes this fall to preform fall yard maintenance tasks but that doesn’t mean they can’t be performed. Sherman Nursery Farms will come to your home or business and ensure that your yard and lawn is ready for another winter in St. Clair county.

Winters in St. Clair County can be harsh and destructive to yards and landscaping, especially when they are not prepared for the heavy snowfall and cold before it hits in late fall. Our team will do things like remove flowers that are seasonal, so they do not sit through the winter and provide food for pests in the springtime. Michigan falls also leaves yards filled with debris from trees dropping leaves and sticks, we can make your yard look neat and tidy again, so they do not sit and rot underneath the snow. By letting us perform these fall yard cleanup services, you will ensure that when springtime comes around your yard won’t be damaged and will be able to flourish strong and healthy next summer!

Our fall cleanup services include:

  • Leave removal

  • Lawn Debris and Branch removal

  • Grass trimming

  • Pruning bushes & trees

  • Summer plants removal

  • Summer grass removal

  • Updating Seasonal flowers

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