Hydroseeding in St. Clair County, MI

St. Clair County Hydroseeding

Prevent and control erosion for commercial properties
with our hydroseeding process.

Hydroseeding is a form of erosion control that involves spreading a mixture of mulch and grass seeds that will allow a landscape to grow quickly and properly.

This process is best performed after a newly constructed building is put up and the surrounding landscape is nothing more than a field of dirt. In these situations, it is vital to act quickly before erosion starts to affect the area. Especially in St. Clair County, where we receive large amounts of annual precipitation, it is very common to have issues with erosion surrounding a new building. Whether it is a newly constructed home, or a commercial building such as an office, hydroseeding is something that should take place quickly after completion.

Once the area receives its hydroseeding grass will quickly begin to grow. The roots that form will allow the dirt and soil to stay in place and resist the forces of nature that would normally erode it away with rainfall or other weather. Therefore, we highly recommend you hydroseed an area with an expert as soon as possible after construction of your commercial property. At Sherman Nursery Farms we have over 45 years of experience with landscape installation and know the importance of having a properly maintained yard. We would love to help you grow your new yard!

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